Let The Light Shine In: Tips For Lighting Your Commercial Space

Posted on: 4 March 2015

If you are remodeling a commercial space for your business, it is important that you not overlook the effects that your lighting choices will have on your staff and the general productivity levels every day. Poor lighting can contribute to persistent headaches, eye fatigue and other discomfort for your employees. The best thing you can do is to work with a commercial electrician to enhance your lighting options without integrating any overhead fluorescent lights. Here is a look at some of the ideas that you can consider for your building's lighting.

Make the Most of the Natural Lighting

A commercial electrician will tell you that the more lighting you can draw from the sun, the less power demand you'll have for artificial lighting during business hours. During your renovation, add large, open windows and skylights to let the sunlight pour in during those peak daytime hours. The natural lighting from the sun is bright, vibrant and even has some mood and productivity-enhancing benefits.

Soften Your Overhead Fixtures

Sunlight alone isn't enough for lighting in any commercial building. You're going to need some artificial light sources. Talk with your electrician about wiring overhead light fixtures for softer lighting than the harsh fluorescent lighting of most office spaces. LED and similar light fixtures emit a softer light than the fluorescent lights that were common in most every office environment.

Add Targeted Task Lights at Each Work Station

Natural light sources and soft overhead lighting usually provides sufficient lighting for most general business operations and common areas, but you'll also want to make sure that each employee has an individual task lamp wired into their workstation. A skilled electrician can wire a soft LED light fixture into each workstation with an independent control. This gives each of your employees the freedom to control the lighting at his or her desk as needed.

Avoid Going Too Soft

Although focusing on softening your overhead lights and relying on natural light sources is important, it is equally important that you not soften the lights too much. If you take the lighting to the opposite extreme and make it too soft, you're going to cause eye strain as well. Work with an electrician to map out lighting fixtures so that you create a balance of soft and bright light to make your office space comfortable.

Finding the right lighting structure for your office building will vary based on the structure of the building, the direction of the sun and how well light can flow through the interior. An electrician can help you determine where you'll need to place your direct-wired fixtures and will wire them for you to create the lighting that you want.


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